Interessant artikel om betegnelsen "Krystalnatten" for nazisternes koordinerede angreb på de tyske jøder den 9. november 1938.
Måske skal vi også i Danmark overveje at kalde det noget andet.
Artiklen er på engelsk og kan læses her:

Fra artiklen:

It is by now increasingly obvious that the term Kristallnacht, co-opting a trope of Nazi propaganda willfully designed to obfuscate its crimes, is woefully inadequate. The word is a product of a Nazi media-management machine so subtle and devious that its hold on the imagination persists long after fulfilling its original cover-up mission. 

Observers have long realized that unique to the program of genocide is that the erasure of the crime is as inherent as the murder itself. The 'success' of the deceitful nomenclature of Kristallnacht here is so complete that no other term has been widely adopted to usurp its place.