New Outlook is a Danish-Jewish peace organisation deeply concerned with the survival of the state of Israel and with the survival of Judaism’s humanistic-ethical values.

New Outlook advocates:

  • National self-determination for Jews and Palestinians.
  • An independent Jewish state and an independent Palestinian state, existing side by side in peaceful coexistence.
  • That Israel adheres to the principles in the country's declaration of independence regarding full and equal democratic rights for all inhabitants regardless of religion or ethnicity.
  • That all Middle-Eastern states respect international human rights conventions as well as international humanitarian law.
  • That the conflict in the Middle East be resolved through dialogue, negotiation and non-violent means.

As a solution to the present conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, we support both the international “Roadmap for Peace”, which among other things demands a freeze of settlement activities on Palestinian land, as well as The Geneva Initiative, which is agreed upon by peace-loving Israelis and Palestinians and includes the following principles:

  • The establishment of an independent, sovereign and viable Palestinian state next to Israel with a complete mutual recognition of the two states.
  • The border between the two states will be drawn mainly along the pre-1967-war borders, with a small land swap on a 1:1 basis.
  • Jerusalem will be divided between the states administratively rather than physically, and an International Force will safeguard access for everyone to the holy sites of the city.
  • A solution of the Palestinian refugee problem, based on a package that offers the return to Israel for a limited number of refugees, repatriation to the Palestinian State, relocation to third countries and financial compensation.

New Outlook concerns itself with

  • The Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • The current public debate in Israel.
  • Danish-Jewish issues.
  • Combating racism and supporting human rights.
  • Jewish history and culture.

New Outlook supports and cooperates with:

  • The Israeli peace movement and the Israeli left, the human rights organisation B'Tselem and all others who work to secure that human rights conventions and international law are observed.
  • All relevant initiatives promoting dialogue and cooperation between Jews and Palestinians in Denmark and the Middle East.
  • Broad-minded groups and groups working against bigotry and racism in Denmark.
  • Danish Jews working to make the Danish-Jewish community more open, tolerant and pluralistic.

Membership in New Outlook is open to all — Jews as well as non-Jews — who share these values.